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Every project manager has to keep track of the entire process and manage all the tasks efficiently to meet the deadline, right? In today’s ever-changing business scenario, project management has become increasingly difficult. Though we have an advanced project management app & other productivity tools, it is important for you to level up your project management skills in 2021 and beyond.

Let’s go through three top formulas for enhancing project management at your workplace. These tried and true tips can assist you to take your project management skills to a new level.

Top Three Tips to Enhance Project Management Skills at Workplace

1. Effective Time Management With Project Management Apps

This is the most important…

Team Task Management Tool

The pandemic age has made remote working and work from home new norms for all industry sectors. Though work from home (WFH) looks intimidating first, if you use the right collaboration tools for remote teams, it can remain even more productive than office work. Apart from utilizing the technological advancements in a feature-rich team task management tool, we would like to mention the top tricks and tips to make WFH highly effective.

Let’s start by discussing the situation.

Top Tips and Tricks to Make Work-from-Home Productive and Effective

1. Settle Down!

Both the office and home have completely different environments. Employees or your team members may not find a…

TaskOPad, as a project management software, assists SMBs (Small and Mid-sized Businesses) to grow with industry-standard features and seamless functionality. It is an easy-to-use team task management tool and corporate users can easily create and assign tasks to their teams right away after registration.

Brief on TaskOPad

As an end-to-end team task management tool, TaskOPad can make all tasks achievable and assist companies to accomplish their projects on time. It simplifies key organizational functions like sales & marketing, budget & spending, document management, project management, and task management. …

TaskOPad is an end-to-end project and task management app. You can stay ahead on the curve with enhanced efficiency and increased productivity using TaskOPad. It is an easy-to-use and feature-rich task management software for startups and SMEs. Let’s understand the key features and a way to create tasks in it.

We have tutorials that give all necessary information about various features and functionality of this task management app. These tutorials will help you achieve the most with TaskOPad. Let’s start from scratch and see how you can create an organization, add members, assign roles and services after login in successfully.

1. Creating Organization and Adding Members

Why Do Businesses Today Need a Well-designed Workflow?
Why Do Businesses Today Need a Well-designed Workflow?

In whatever way we define a workflow, it remains useful for accomplishing the projects on time by managing every task. Whether you own a startup, a small or mid-sized business & a large enterprise, you need a workflow for processing a set of data. Simply put, the workflow management tool paves the way for a project to reach its refined stage from the raw stage.

Talking about the importance of a workflow in modern businesses, it is fair to mention that without a well-designed workflow, chances are high that your project hits a roadblock in between and the deadline can…

Productivity Software

Hectic schedules, deadline pressure, and a new set of hurdles to overcome- every day, the same story repeats in the workplace. Irrespective of the industry sector or profession, as a project manager or an entrepreneur, you always strive for maximizing your growth by achieving these objectives. Boosting productivity in the workplace can assist you to meet these requirements effectively. These days, thanks to advancing technology, many productivity software are available. But, here we mention the top ten productivity hacks that can help you out.

Top Ten Hacks to Boost Productivity At Your Workplace

1. Declutter Inbox

Email distraction is one of the most powerful factors for reducing productivity. McKinsey Global…

Workload Management

Workload management is essential for meeting deadlines while maintaining the high efficiency of employees. As a systematic process of managing the workflow accurately & project managers distribute work to team members and monitor their work routine.

This monitoring enables managers to utilize the skills of available resources effectively that assists them and identify any loopholes and make adjustments. Though task management software can help you manage workload efficiently & here we share some useful tips that will make your life easier.

As a project manager, you need to ensure that the assigned work has been completed and delivered…

Task Management App

The world cannot forget December 2019. It was the month when the first case of a coronavirus infection was reported in Wuhan, China. It quickly turned into a pandemic and affected the ways we work and live. As per the World Health Organization data, the dreaded coronavirus has infected over 162,000,000 people worldwide with a whopping number of deaths at 3,364,178 to date. The pandemic has a lasting impact on businesses and many startups, as well as SMBs, are on the verge of closure. In this article, we will go through the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic…

How Time Healthy Pressure Contribute to Productivity at Workplace
How Time Healthy Pressure Contribute to Productivity at Workplace

Whether it is personal life or professional life, most of our activities are devoted to getting things done on time. Whether it is bringing more customers or taking admission for a son or daughter in a good school, every task has a fixed deadline. Simply put, things are not going to be done without a predetermined deadline. What makes the matter worse is the fact that if deadlines are far away, we keep on delaying the productivity app as much as possible. As a result, we need to complete them at the last moment.

Every productivity app or task management…

How to Execute The Tasks Systematically for Accomplishing Your Project

Project Tracker Tool

There is no one size fits all approach for executing the tasks. The project tracker tool can assist you to meet multiple tasks effectively at the workplace. But, as a project manager, at times, it is necessary for you to use multiple procedures to resolve some issues and execute tasks efficiently. All you need to follow the best set of methodologies that suit the project requirements.

Here are a few important steps to initiate a project and execute the tasks systematically.

Top Techniques for Effective Task Execution and Project Completion

Whether your project is large or small, complex or simple, proper planning and scheduling is crucial…

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