How Busy Managers can Improve Project Management at Workplace

A project manager has to deal with all sorts of clients, stakeholders, and team members all day. Most project managers handle multiple projects and have to oversee the progress of different teams. In other words, being a busy manager can be stressful, and at times, it can take a toll on your efficiency and managerial ability. Here, a project management tool comes to your rescue. Here we are going to see some useful project management for managers tips for a busy manager like you.

Handy Guide to Effective Project Management for Busy Managers

Here are the top tips for managing your teams and projects more effectively.

1. Break Projects into Tasks and Sub-tasks

The first step is breaking down projects into smaller and more achievable tasks. You can set…

Top Challenges and Benefits of Project Management for Accounting Firms

Modern-day accounting firms face many challenges due to diversity of business models and complexities of project-based accounting. Effective project management for accounting can assist firms to handle these challenges effectively. Let’s understand the importance and key benefits of project management for accountants in this blog.

Importance of Project Management for Accounting Firms

The goal of every accounting firm is to serve the corporate client with excellent auditing and budgeting services. With effective project management, it is possible to ensure on-time delivery of paperwork, payments, and processing.

Large accounting firms need to manage many different accounts and personnel at once. …

How Creative Teams can Manage Projects Effectively

Creative teams need time, space and a sort of freedom to come up with their best. Therefore, it is necessary to manage their tasks properly and proactively. Though task tracker app can support creative teams, here we are going through some useful techniques. These techniques are supplementary to task management tools and designed for managing creative projects effectively.

Let’s go through the steps to manage creative projects in the workplace. However, it is fair to mention that for managing administrative tasks, it is better to use task tracker app and team task management tools.

Top Ten Steps to Consider for Managing Creative Projects

1. Form Proper Teams

It is necessary to form specific…

A Comprehensive Guide on How To Run a Successful Kickoff Meeting

Whether working on a medium or a big project, forgetting the smallest thing can have a massive impact. There is no rocket science in initiating the project team management properly. But then, if you or your team goes off the track even slightly at the beginning, it can affect the outcome of your project. Simply put, a beginning of the project or a project kickoff can determine the success of every project. In a way, a project kickoff meeting is your chance to ensure the success of the project by keeping the entire team on the same page.

In this…

Internal Communication at Workplace- Six Types You Need to Know

Effective communication plays a crucial role in not just businesses but in the entire world. However, when it comes to business team communication software, we tend to overlook company-wide interaction or internal communication.

We usually focus on improving external communication or interaction with external stakeholders to grow business, but internal communication is equally important because it can shape your business.

A reputed task management app offers instant chat feature for real-time internal communication.

In this blog, we are going to understand the importance of internal communication and the role of task management software in it. …

Six Steps of Project Time Management in Workplace You Need to Know

For every project under the sun, managing time remains one of the greatest challenges. As a project manager, you need to deal with competing priorities, requirements of team members, and expectations of your customers. Though robust project management software can lend a helping hand, here we are going to discuss the importance of project time management in addressing these challenges efficiently.

“Time is money” and other similar phrases show the importance of managing time efficiently. Let’s understand the meaning and importance of time management from the context of project management before digging deep into the key project management processes.

Introduction and Importance of Time Management in Project Management


Differences Between Work Effectiveness & Efficiency (And How To Balance Them?)

Efficiency and effectiveness- you may find these terms interchangeable, but they are not the same in reality. The difference between them is subtle, and we are going to see it in this blog. People can get confused between work efficiency and work effectiveness because they may appear as synonyms, and therefore, we will start with their definitions and later on, we will see the role of project management system for achieving more efficiency at the workplace.

Work Effectiveness

It focuses on achieving a given goal. When it comes to making your business productive, you need effectiveness. Simply put, a company, irrespective of…

10 Ways TaskOPad Helps Teams Achieve Project Management KPIs

Different teams in your company are working on various tasks to achieve a common goal- timely completion of projects. Here, a project management KPI (Key Performance Indicator) plays a vital role in building team synergy and accomplish projects on time. KPIs consist of the key performance goals across all aspects related to team involvement for a specific project.

In this article, we are going to see how a feature-rich task management app, TaskOPad assists your teams to achieve project management KPIs. But before moving forward, let’s have a brief introduction of project management KPIs and their importance in modern businesses.

Project Management KPIs- Measuring Efficiency and Productivity

When it comes to working on multiple tasks across various projects, a robust software is essential. You can rely on a simple task management tool for different activities but managing non-project activities like answering emails need a more powerful solution- work management software. Let’s understand the work management before going through its importance in modern enterprises.

As the name suggests, work management software is a digital tool that enables companies to plan, track, organize, and review all the tasks including project and non-project tasks with an objective of improving the outcome and performance of your team. This pops up the…

All You Need To Know About Project Collaboration At Workplace

Collaboration is the need of the hour for modern enterprises to stay productive and competitive. In the online project management domain, collaboration happens in producing or creating ideas, solutions, points of view, proposals, reports, etc. T here are just so many different project collaboration software available for us to collaborate bringing optimal information and ideas. So let us simply jump on to the tools and best practices for collaboration .

4 Tools Useful For Project Collaboration

1. G Suite (Google Suite)

It is one of the best-known task management apps for collaboration and lives up to the hype as the name implies. …

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