Ten Must-have Tips to Manage Tasks Effectively At Your Workplace


Irrespective of the size and scale of your company, it is imperative that there are processes in place where managers or leaders can have a macro view of the tasks or projects and their status. However, In an age where most companies face cut-throat competition, the volume of work and completing it on time is always challenging, let alone keeping a tab on it.. In this blog, we are going to discuss some of the handpicked tips for managing tasks and accomplishing projects.

Let’s face it. Amid a hectic schedule, everything seems of high priority every time. At times, companies miss something important in the race of getting things done quickly. Also, there is a possibility of creating a long list of tasks before a certain period or spending more time on a particular task that results in delaying other tasks and missing the deadline.

That is when task management comes into the picture. It is primarily associated with workload balancing and time management skills, keeping a check on the status of projects and assignments. Teams should adopt these skills with the help of task management tools, otherwise, it may lead to chaos. We are going to share with you our top 10 mantras to task management tips in order to maintain the productivity of your employees and increase the ROI over a period of time.

Ten Useful Tips for Effective Task Management

A to-do list is a proven and effective way to manage tasks. With time, methods of making to-do lists have evolved. Gone are the days when people kept handwritten notes for things to get done. Thanks to evolving technology, people use smart to-do apps that also provide notification and send real-time alerts about the tasks.

What’s more, we can store ideas in the form of voice notes, text, and images. However, it is fair to mention that at the enterprise level, a simple to-do app is not sufficient to manage the tasks of different departments. A feature-rich and powerful task management app is necessary at a business or Enterprise level.

Everyone has 24 hours in a day, but only a few achieve success in a challenging business scenario. The secret is creating a schedule for your day. This helps create a mental timeline on the speed and the focus that you need to give to each task and lets you prepare in advance! We always recommend taking the toughest or the most time consuming tasks in the morning.

A Udemy study has revealed that more than a third of millennials and Gen Z say they spend two hours checking their smartphones during the daytime. When you make a schedule, you can assign a due date to the task and give you a better perspective for backlogs.

A Lot of professionals complain that it’s not possible to prioritize all the tasks in the to do list. We understand. That’s why it is a healthy practice to give ranks to your taks. The one with the highest rank is but naturally the most important and should be completed on priority. If you are a fresher, we suggest taking the help of your senior or manager so that you get clarity on what to complete first.

This is one of the most important task management tips. The market trends and expectations of customers keep on changing, and therefore, a to-do list or schedule should be flexible enough. Flexibility also enables companies to eliminate the issue related to one task overshadowing other tasks. The company can also opt for flexible deadlines whenever is necessary.

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When there are many tasks to be completed, the team finds it hard to accomplish them, and as a result, productivity gets affected. Therefore, it is better to assign tasks to every team member according to their patience, resilience, skills, and capability to work under pressure. As mentioned by Eli Broad, the founder of 2 Fortune 500 companies, one of the biggest problems with managers at all levels is the inability to delegate tasks.

Change is constant and modern enterprises need to get ready for the change to remain competent for a long time. When we are unable to drive the change, chances are bright that we may not accomplish tasks on time. Let’s take an example of the Scrum methodology. It enables the team to manage change through the daily Scrum meetings. The company can schedule a meeting on a daily basis for taking an overview of finished tasks and discussing the bottlenecks.

After making a to-do list or delegate tasks, the role of a manager is not over. Though sorting out priorities and assigning tasks are necessary for success, the manager should consistently following up on the tasks. With the requirements of the project keep on changing, the management’s involvement becomes more crucial. You cannot leave the tasks on your team, instead, you should participate actively to get the desired outcome.

When things may not go as per our plan, we get annoyed or disappointed. This should not happen especially when we run a company or a startup. A Wellington study has revealed that only 37% of teams have reported accomplishing projects on-time more often than not in the UK. In such a scenario, patience pays a lot and you can get your team back on its feet in a short time. We recommend treating each failure as an opportunity to learn and overcome the errors the next time you try.

A customized, user-friendly task management app can make the entire task management process easy and simple for enterprises of all sizes. Apart from task management and time tracking, the task management tool can help employees maintain the work-life balance and contribute to the company’s growth by increasing the productivity and efficiency of employees.

You can consult a reputed software development company to get a bespoke team task management tool.

After implementing most of these tips, you need to focus on improving collaboration across various team members. Whether employees work from home or office, it is necessary to establish a robust and reliable network of communication that enables them to share their thoughts, documents, and insights with ease and in a secure way. It results in improved collaboration. Some future-ready task management software can have features for improving collaboration.

Concluding Lines

It is better to start with a robust task management app for your team. You can easily manage workload and meet deadlines for every project with ease. Hope these tips will be useful for your company in managing even complex projects and maintain quality or performance.

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